Originally from New Zealand, I graduated with a Master of Architecture (University of Auckland) and worked in the profession for several years before moving to Berlin in 2015. Currently, I am a fourth year PhD candidate, by distance, in the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, under the supervision of Stavros Stavrides (NTUA), Penny Koutrolikou (NTUA), and Jesko Fezer (HFBK). Working transversally across socio-political urban issues, critical spatial practice, and transformative pedagogies, my research and practice explore common(ing) space: sharing, (un)making and (un)learning the city. Amongst other things, I am a co-initiator and co-organiser of the project Common(s)Lab: Nachbarschaftslabor in Berlin-Neukölln; a member of the Common Grounds association and corresponding Commons Evening School, associated with Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin-Kreuzberg; a member of the >top transdiciplinary project space and TOP e.V., an association for the promotion of cultural practice; and a board member of AoA Berlin.

Research interests:

Critical spatial practice; spaces of commoning; the right to the city; the politics of space and bodies; spatial performativity vis-à-vis (neoliberal) capitalist enclosures; postcapitalist praxis; common spaces for (un)common knowledge (Tan: 2017); transformative/situated pedagogies.

Current Involvements:

Co-initiator, Common(s)Lab: Nachbarschaftslabor

Member, Common Grounds association, Prinzessinnengarten

Member, top e.V

Board member, Agents of Alternatives

Co-founder, AHHA studio