Edited Publications

Akbil, Axinte, Can, De Carli, Harrison, Méndez de Andés, Moebus, Moore, and Petrescu (2022). Urban Commons Handbook. Barcelona: dpr-barcelona.

Moebus, K. and Harrison, M. (2021). Common(s)Lab: 3 Years of (Un)Learning. Berlin: Agents of Alternatives.

Chapters in Books

Harrison, M. and Milagres, L (2020). Dauerhaft statt Zwischennutzung. In M. Herbst and M. Teran. Licht Luft Scheiße: Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity, Vol. 2 Growing from the Ruins of Modernity. Hamburg: Adocs.

Harrison, M. and Katrini, E. (2019). Commoning and Transition: In: L. Tsafoulia, S. Wines, and S. Ong, eds. Transient Spaces. New York: The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture,  The City College of New York.

Journal Publications

Harrison, M. (2021). The (In)justice of the Urban Commons [La justice/l’injustice des communs urbains]. Justice spatiale | Spatial Justice, no 16.

Harrison, M. (2020). The (Market-) State of the ‘Public’: Reappropriating the Urban as Common(s). The Urban Transcripts Journal.

Harrison, M. (2019). The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Commoning In, Against, and Beyond Urban Accumulation. Upping the Anti 21, pp. 83-99.

Conference Proceedings

Moebus, K. and Harrison, M. (2019). Caring for the Common and Caring in Common: Towards an Expanded Spatial Practice. Paper presented at NORDES conference “Who Cares?” in Helsinki, June 2019.


The Right to the City: Against and Beyond, published on The Pantograph Punch, November 2017.

Hollow Homes and Speculated Spaces, published on The Pantograph Punch, November 2016.