Education and Employment:

Doctoral Studies, School of Architecture | National Technical University of Athens. 2017-2022.

Architectural Graduate | Jasmax. 2014-2016.
Architectural Graduate | Brave Architects. 2013-2014.
Tutor, Year 3 Design Studio, Bachelor of Architecture | The University of Auckland. 2013.
Tutor, Year 1 Media, Bachelor of Architecture | The University of Auckland. 2013.

Master of Architecture | The University of Auckland. 2012-2013.

Architectural Designer | Fulton Ross Team Architects. 2010-2012.

Bachelor of Architectural Studies | Ara Institute of Canterbury. 2008-2010.

Talks and Presentations:

>top Presents!. >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2023.
Nordic Design Research Society (NORDES) Conference. Aalto University, Helsinki. 2019.
Community Economies Practice Exchange. Alpine Community Economies Laboratory, Vallagarina. 2019.
Questioning the Creative City Symposium. New Castle. 2019.
Urban Struggles Unconference. NTUA, Athens. 2018.
Reclaim the City Practice Exchange.  Kulturlabor Trial & Error, Berlin. 2018.

Performances and Interventions:

Silent Disco: Eine virtuelle Partyekstase in Anblick des Todes (performer). Film, forthcoming 2023.
Acid Bodies: Disagreement Room (participant-performer). Uferstudios, Berlin. 2022.
“A Garden Is…” – A Ritual (performance and reading). Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin. 2019.
Common Constructions (intervention, Common(s)Lab). Schillerkiez, Berlin. 2018.


Somatic Space. >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2023.
Community Economies Workshop (Common(s)Lab). Floating University, Berlin. 2020.
Schule des Postkapitalismus | School of Postcapitalism (Common(s)Lab). >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2019-2020.
Wunschproduktion. Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin. 2018-2019.
Der Boden unter unseren Füßen (Common(s)Lab). >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2019.
Commoning Care. Questioning the Creative City Symposium, New Castle. 2019.
DIT Holzbauworkshop (Common(s)Lab). Nette Ecke, Berlin. 2019.
Würfelsafari (Common(s)Lab). Nette Ecke, Berlin. 2019.
Speculative Real Estate | Speculative Fiction. Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin. 2018.
Common Constructions (Common(s)Lab). >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2018.
Commons Reading Group (Common(s)Lab). >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2018-2020.
Schenkmarkt (Common(s)Lab). >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2018-2020.
DIT Salvaged Material Workshops (Common(s)Lab). >top Projektraum, Berlin. 2018-2019.


Edited Publications:
Akbil, Axinte, Can, De Carli, Harrison, Méndez de Andés, Moebus, Moore, and Petrescu (2022). Urban Commons Handbook. Barcelona: dpr-barcelona.
Moebus, K. and Harrison, M. (2021). Common(s)Lab Zine: 3 Years of (Un)Learning. Berlin: Agents of Alternatives.

Chapters in Books:
Harrison, M. and Milagres, L (2020). Dauerhaft statt Zwischennutzung. In M. Herbst and M. Teran. Licht Luft Scheiße: Perspectives on Ecology and Modernity, Vol. 2 Growing from the Ruins of Modernity. Hamburg: Adocs.
Harrison, M. and Katrini, E. (2019). Commoning and Transition: In: L. Tsafoulia, S. Wines, and S. Ong, eds. Transient Spaces. New York: The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture,  The City College of New York.

Journal Publications:
Harrison, M. (2021). The (In)justice of the Urban Commons [La justice/l’injustice des communs urbains]Justice spatiale | Spatial Justice, no 16.
Harrison, M. (2020). The (Market-) State of the ‘Public’: Reappropriating the Urban as Common(s). The Urban Transcripts Journal.
Harrison, M. (2019). The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Commoning In, Against, and Beyond Urban AccumulationUpping the Anti 21, pp. 83-99.

Conference Proceedings:
Moebus, K. and Harrison, M. (2019). Caring for the Common and Caring in Common: Towards an Expanded Spatial Practice. Paper presented at NORDES conference “Who Cares?” in Helsinki, June 2019.

Literary Publications:
The Right to the City: Against and Beyond, published on The Pantograph Punch, November 2017.
Hollow Homes and Speculated Spaces, published on The Pantograph Punch, November 2016.

Grants and Awards:

William Chick Doctoral Scholarship in Architecture. The University of Auckland. 2017-2020.
Finalist and grant recipient (AHHA Studio, project team). Collett’s Corner Design Competition. 2018.
Finalist. AAA Unbuilt Architecture Awards, Auckland Architecture Association. 2013.
Distinguished Master’s Thesis Selection. The University of Auckland. 2013.
Regional Award – Public Architecture (Fulton Ross Team Architects, project team). New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA). 2012.
Warren and Mahoney Excellence Award. Ara Institute of Technology. 2010.
Dean’s List. Lambuth University. 2007.