Common(s)Lab is a neighbourhood project, co-initiated at the end of 2017, for everyone in our ‘kiez’ and beyond; it is an experimentally and socially produced space aiming to foster and catalyse practices of commoning. The common(s) offers a different imaginary for that which we collectively produce and sustain, both material and immaterial, through sharing and negotiation: beyond the commons as shared resources, we foreground “the creation of new forms of sociality, as new collective practices of living, working, thinking, feeling and imagining that act against the contemporary capitalist forms of producing and consuming (variously enclosing) the common wealth” (Ruivencamp & Hilton 2017: 17).

In the face of increasing privatisation and commodification of all spheres of our everyday life, we are interested in transformative subjectivities and socialities that may de-centre ‘capitalocentric’ relations. As such, we explore different economies and values that are based on contributing – what and how one can – rather than exchange logics.

Through transversal approaches, we aim to bring transformative research and knowledge-making closer to everyday life. Our formats so far include Do-It-Together (DIT)-workshops, skill-sharing activities, reading groups, cooking activities, neighbourhood walks, artistic interventions, talks, book presentations, baby-friendly film screenings, and a quarterly gift market.

Common(s)Lab has its home at the transdisciplinary project space TOP in Schillerkiez, Berlin-Neukölln, which is shared and run by a diverse group of artists, designers, architects, film-makers, curators, scientists, and a cook.

You can find more info on our website and Facebook-page.

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